Package net.algart.drawing3d

Simple, easily extendable draw toolkit for drawing 3D objects (figures).


Interface Summary
Interface Description
ColoringRule Coloring rule: the tool, choosing the color for drawing an abstract object.
DrawingRule Drawing rule: the tool for 3D drawing some kind of 3D figure (Shape3D) on the base of drawing one 3D pixel.
Pixel3DDrawer Low-level tool for drawing one 3D pixel, used by DrawingRule.
Shape3D Abstract 3D figure (shape), which can be drawn by this toolkit.
ShapingRule Shaping rule: the converter of an abstract object to 3D figure, that can be drawn by this toolkit.

Class Summary
Class Description
ConvexPlanePolygon3DDrawingRule Algorithm of drawing convex plane polygon, placed in 3D space (PlanePolygon3D object).
CoordinateSystem3D Coordinate system in 3D space.
Drawer3D Universal 3D drawer: the main drawing tool of this toolkit.
Orientation3D Orthonormal basis in 3D space: 3 orthogonal unit vectors i, j, k (usually describing the orientation of some 3D configuration in the space).
PlanePolygon3D Plane polygon, placed in 3D space.
SimpleColoringRule Simple implementation of ColoringRule interface, which returns some given color for all inheritors of some given class.
SimpleDrawer3D Simple full implementation of Drawer3D class, based on the traditional Z-buffer algorithm.
Sphere3D 3D sphere.
Sphere3DDrawingRule Algorithm of drawing 3D sphere (Sphere3D object).

Package net.algart.drawing3d Description

Simple, easily extendable draw toolkit for drawing 3D objects (figures). This package provides classes, simplifying implementation of drawing any 3D shapes, and offers implementations for two simple shapes: Sphere3D and PlanePolygon3D.

AlgART Laboratory 2010

JDK 1.5
Daniel Alievsky