Package net.algart.model3d.common.movement.model

Abstract physical model, describing movement of a set of interacting 3D particles (items).


Interface Summary
Interface Description
HavingCenter Item which has a geometrical center.
HavingInteractionRadius Item which cannot act to other items, also implementing this interface, if their centers are too far from this one: farther than some interaction radius R.
HavingMass Item which has a mass.
HavingVelocity Item which has a velocity: the first derivative of the center vector by time.
InteractionRule Abstract physical interaction, which can be described by Newton's laws.
Item Abstract physical item: particle or another object in 3D space, which can interact with other items.
ItemListBuilder Builder of the item list, used for storing items by SimpleItemSet and GridItemSet classes.
ItemSet Simple collection (list) of indexed non-null items.
MovementIntegrator Movement integrator: the basic tool for integrating motion equations of the physical model, described by ItemSet object.
Spherical Spherical item.
SymmetricInteractionRule True interaction between two objects, according Newton's 3rd law.

Class Summary
Class Description
AbstractMovementIntegrator A skeletal implementation of the MovementIntegrator interface to minimize the effort required to implement this interface.
BunkerWall Solid plane wall, used for forming a bunker, where another items are moving and interacting.
Earth Earth planet: an item which acts to any other item, which have a mass, by EarthGravitationRule interaction.
EarthGravitationRule Interaction between Earth and any having mass item.
ElasticBall Elastic ball: a sphere with some density ρ and elasticity modulus μ, which can interact with other balls and items as a solid body.
ElasticBallByBunkerWallInteractionRule Interaction between bunker wall and elastic ball.
ElasticBallsInteractionRule Interaction between two elastic balls.
EulerMovementIntegrator The simplest implementation of the MovementIntegrator interface, based on the classic Euler method for solving Cauchy problem.
GridItemSet Grid item set.
MovementIntegratorWrapper Wrapper, all method of which just call the same methods of some parent integrator.
PhysicalMedium Physical medium: an item which acts to any other item, which have a velocity, by PhysicalMediumResistanceRule interaction.
PhysicalMediumResistanceRule Interaction between the physical medium and any having velocity spherical item.
RungeKuttaMovementIntegrator The general implementation of the MovementIntegrator interface, based on the family of explicit Runge-Kutta methods of any order for solving Cauchy problem.
SimpleItemSet Simplest item set.

Enum Summary
Enum Description
GridItemSet.GridRangeStyle Method of calculating the grid bounds: which area of 3D space should be splitted into rectangular cells by GridItemSet.preprocess() method.

Package net.algart.model3d.common.movement.model Description

Abstract physical model, describing movement of a set of interacting 3D particles (items). For this model, the traditional Cauchy problem is formulated and solved.

Only coordinates of centers and velocities are considered: this package allows to move objects, but does not process their form, orientation in the space and rotation. So, this package is designed for processing spherical items only. Processing non-spherical items, if necessary, can be added by extending InteractionRule interface and providing custom implementations of MovementIntegrator.

AlgART Laboratory 2010

JDK 1.5
Daniel Alievsky